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[sticky post] Feedback Sticky Post for VividCon 2014 [Aug. 9th, 2014|01:03 am]

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VividCon 2014 is under way, and this post is where you can comment with your feedback and suggestions for the con.

Something you loved? Something you hated? Suddenly struck by a brilliant idea for a themed vidshow, a panel, or a Challenge vidshow theme? Have any other great ideas you'd like to see at a future VividCon? Drop us a comment below.

Note: These feedback sticky posts on LiveJournal and Dreamwidth, along with paper comment forms available all weekend in the con suite, replace the former Calls from the Public feedback panel that used to run on Sunday afternoon at the con. Anonymous commenting is enabled. If there is any feedback that you do not wish to share via LJ or DW comment or paper form in the con suite, please feel free to email it to

Con staff will reply to all online comments or emails that seem to need a response, although it is likely that this response will take place after we return home from the con. If you have an immediate need during the con, please see a member of concom or ask the volunteer in the con suite for assistance. Thank you!

Here is a link to the VividCon 2014 feedback sticky post on DW.
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Vividcon 2014 Notes [Sep. 2nd, 2014|04:42 pm]

My Vividcon 2014 notes for the panels this year are here and here and my notes for Vid Review and Challenge vids are here.
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Supporting Member mailing update! [Aug. 22nd, 2014|09:41 pm]

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Hi, everyone. I have good news and bad news! Bad news first...we are very, very sorry, but the Supporting Member mailing this year ran into some technical difficulties and they have not yet been mailed. But -- good news now!-- We are implementing an emergency back-up plan to get the mailing out on Monday! At which point your DVDs will be flying toward you at lightning speed (compared to the sitting still that they have been doing until now).

We apologize mightily for the delay and will be taking steps to ensure that such a situation does not ever happen again.

Until your packages arrive, please continue to enjoy the VividCon Live streaming, and we'll see you next year! And thank you for your support!
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DVD sets for supporting members [Aug. 21st, 2014|06:53 pm]

It's been a while since the end of VVC and I was just wondering if the dvds for supporting members have been mailed out yet. Every day I peek hopefully in my mail box and everyday I have that sad feeling of disappointment.
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Notes for Timing Panel [Aug. 18th, 2014|10:10 pm]


I posted the notes for the "Timing Is Everything" panel that gwyn and I co-modded here:
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panel post [Aug. 17th, 2014|07:13 pm]


I posted links/slides for my panel on vid structure here.
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An essay on Club Vivid [Aug. 16th, 2014|10:21 am]

I wrote a thing, because I had thinky thoughts.

The disclaimer: Jetpack Monkey asked me to offer up my thoughts on this topic, so they could (hopefully) help someone submitting a premiering vid to Club Vivid. This post contains my opinions, alone. (It hasn’t been sanctioned by AbsoluteDestiny.) Much of my commentary is based around my own missteps where CV vids are concerned. This isn't a reaction to any particular vid(s), but something I've thought for years and been too nervous to say out loud. There are exceptions to each of my opinions, your mileage may vary, take this with a shaker of salt, and so on.

I want to comment on a recurring trend I’ve noticed over the years. There is a particular type of song choice for CV that I feel is often unsuccessful, not because the vids are poorly made (they're not) but because they are not received well in the arena.

Read more...Collapse )
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Playlists from Cap2 Room Party and Timing Panel [Aug. 13th, 2014|07:53 pm]

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Captain America Room Party Vids

These are the vids that were shown at Friday night's Captain America Room Party. I'm not sure of the exact play order, so if someone remembers better than I do, please correct me.

lim's MCU vid, "Marvel," with the mind-blowing action dance sequences:

purplefringe's Sam/Steve vid, "Don't Stop Believing," which had the whole room singing along (also shown in the Timing Panel by popular request):

talitha78's Bucky/Steve vid, "Problem" (also shown in the Timing Panel by request):

gwyn's amazing Steve and Bucky vid, "Orange Crush":

and last, but not least kuwdora's kickass Nicky Fury & Sam Wilson vid, "25 Miles", which she made as a WORLD PREMIERE just for the party:

Timing Panel Vids

gwyn and I decided to show her "Orange Crush" vid (see above for link), so that she could use it as an example of some of the pacing concepts that we discussed in the panel.

We also showed chaila's Pacific Rim vid "Sound the Bells," as an example of a vid that will make you cry and experience many FEELS:

Panel notes to follow soon, I hope.
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Vid Review 2014 [Aug. 12th, 2014|12:23 pm]

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Notes taken during Vid Review and In Depth are here.
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2014 Master Vidshow List [Aug. 10th, 2014|08:22 am]


10:00 am History of Vividcon Intro Vids
VJ: renenet
Let's begin at the very beginning. Think you know intro vids? Come see how they have evolved at VividCon from comedi show starters, primarily intended to convey information about acceptable behavior during the Premieres show, to fully realized (if brief) vids about the fannish zeitgeist, the specific year's VividCon them, or the Premieres show itself!

11:00 am Femslash
VJ: kiki_miserychic
Description: Gathered here for your viewing pleasure: vids featuring romantic and/or sexual relationships between female characters.

1:00 pm Childhood
VJ: Katie M
Description: Surly teenagers, symbols of innocence, and creepy little girls - vids about all facets of childhood, even the demonic ones.

2:00 pm Nearly New
VJs: Cassandra and hafital

4:00 pm Also Premiering (Non-attending premieres)
VJ: kuwdora

7:30 pm Club Vivid
VJ: AbsoluteDestiny


10:00 am State of Mind
VJ: Trelkez
Description: Visions, memories, dreams, psychic abilities, mental programming, and out-of-body experiences.

11:00 am Team-y Goodness
VJ: gwyneth
Description: The team power walk. The group of friends and their wacky shenanigans. The ragtag band who come together to accomplish something no one thought they could. Who doesn't love a great fannish ensemble? Let's watch some vids that celebrate teamy goodness. Smells like team spirit!

1:00 pm The Things We Do For Love
VJ: sweetest drain
Description: Like walking in the rain and snow when there's nowhere to go -- wait. No. For this vidshow, we'll look at all kinds of love -- romantic love, obsessive love, love of family and friends, love of duty, love of self -- but most importantly, we'll explore what love's incredible driving force can set into motion.

2:00 pm America the Beautiful
VJ: renenet
Description: Vids about the United States of America: its places and its people, their struggles and their triumphs, and the never-ending work in progress that defines this country.

3:00 pm You Say You Want a Revolution
VJs: bradcpu & Laura Shapiro
Description: Overthrowing the system, the government, or just someone who's being mean to you; this show examines the many ways we rebel and revolt, and fandom's eternal love for rebels and underdogs.

4:00 pm One is the Loneliest Number
VJ: hollywoodgrrl
Description: A vidshow dedicated to showcase the talents of actors pulling double, triple, INFINITY X! duty by playing multiples on screen.

7:00 pm Premieres Vidshow
VJs: Carol S and Melina


2:00 pm Challenge
VJ: Greensilver
This year's challenge was to make a vid on t he them of "gift."

3:00 pm Auction
VJ: Luminosity

(Links to premiering vids will be added as time allows. Feel free to drop comments re: anything that needs attention, including links to premiering vids. Thanks!)
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