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VividCon 2010 Progress Report #1

This is the VividCon 2010 progress report, and I’m happy to report that things are, in fact, progressing! :) Themed vidshows are being compiled, Premiere vids are starting to trickle in, and everything else is moving right along.

All of my staff are fantastic, but I want to particularly shout out to Shoshanna and Par Avion, who have gone above and beyond to support me this year by taking on additional duties.

  • The VividCon 2010 Schedule

    The VividCon 2010 Programming Schedule is live!

    Vidshow descriptions are here, and Panel descriptions are forthcoming! These will be linked from the Schedule soon.

    New this year is a “Welcome to VividCon” gathering on Thursday night, at 8:00 pm. We hope that this new element will be a place for new attendees to come and learn a little about VividCon and what to expect, to meet some of their fellow attendees, and to ask any questions they might have. Experienced attendees also welcome! :)

    This year we’ll have set hours for Thursday night registration from 7:30 pm to 9:00 pm, in the 2nd floor mezzanine area as usual.

  • VividCon Background and Policies

    Introducing the shiny, very much expanded VividCon Background and Policies! We realized that many of our newer attendees were unfamiliar with VividCon’s roots and culture, and we felt it was past time to try and clarify and document some of our unspoken policies. We welcome comments and feedback.

    Many thanks to Shoshanna for taking the lead on composing this document, and to those that we consulted in its creation.

  • 2010 VividCon Scholarship Recipient

    I’m excited to announce that hapex_legomena has accepted our offer to be our scholarship recipient this year. She is a new vidder, having made Enter the Wu-Tang: 36 Chambers of Death (3 parts of which are showing in VVC vidshows this year) in the aftermath of Racefail ‘09. We agreed with those who nominated her that her voice would be a valuable addition to the con, and we hope she finds attending to be a valuable thing for her! And hopefully it will encourage her to make us more vids....

  • Academic Research at VividCon in 2010

    Longtime fan and vidder Professor Tisha Turk (tishaturk) has received a University of Minnesota Imagine Fund grant as well as approval from the University IRB Human Subjects Committee enabling her to pursue her research into vids and vidding, and she will be conducting formal interviews at this year’s convention. Those of you who know her know that she’s been attending VividCon since 2002. Watch this space for her announcement and call for volunteers!

  • Club Vivid Bar Access

    Wristbands for Club Vivid will officially go on sale on June 28th, $25 for the full open bar, $10 for anyone 18-21 who wants unlimited water and soda. The $10 wristbands are only for anyone 18-21, as VVC has to pay the full price for anyone using the bar, regardless of what they drink. You will be able to purchase a wristband until at least July 10th (and they will be available for anyone who moves off the waitlist after that)

  • Hotel Rooms

    King rooms remain available at the con rate. For Doubles you will still need to go through the hotel manager, information available here. If you choose to go through the regular hotel registration, you may be told that the con rate is not available for the type of room or dates that you want! This is not the case (apart from the scarcity of Doubles); going through the hotel manager should prevent this kind of error, and he does try to respond quickly. Contact information is available on the website.

    If you have any questions, please ask!
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