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VVC 2012 Vid Auction is open! [Mar. 31st, 2012|12:34 pm]


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Happy Saturday, peeps! It's auction season, and the vidders are ripe and ready for the plucking!

Go to...

...for the biddin' on the viddin'! The auction runs until next Saturday, 7 April, 23:59pm Eastern US time!

We have five generous friendly souls in the auction this year, waiting for your call!




tl;dr version: I will make you a movie(s) vid for pretty much any movie to most music and I will try and make it awesome and that is most likely to be true if it's in the vein of something I've done before.

What fandoms:

Pretty much any movie in any genre or series of movies, though I'd prefer ones I've not vidded before. As an example, this is what I nominated for festivids this year:

Alien series - 1979 onwards, Attack the Block, Bill & Ted (movies), The Blues Brothers (1980), Cabaret - 1974, Clash of the Titans (1981), Coraline, Dark Crystal, Demolition Man, Dirty Dancing - 1987, E.T. The Extra-Terrestrial - 1982, Endhiran (Robot) (2010), Ghostbusters 1 & 2, Hausu (1977), Jigoku (1960), Krull - 1983, Labyrinth - 1986, Let The Right One In - 2008, Little Miss Sunshine, The Lost Boys, Mary Poppins, Metropolis - 1927, Millenium Actress (2001), The Neverending Story - 1984, Over the Top - 1987, Pan's Labyrinth aka "El laberinto del fauno", Ponyo (2008), Rad (1986), Scott Pilgrim vs the World, Singin' in the Rain, Sister Act, The Sound of Music, Spaced, Star Wars (1977-1983 original trilogy), Terminator Movies, Tetsuo The Iron Man (1989), Top Gun, Wall-E, Who Framed Roger Rabbit, Zombieland - 2009, [REC] Movies

Obviously that is a list of 'rarely' vidded stuff based on things people asked for. There's a lot more I'd vid besides. A lot more. If in doubt, ask me.

For TV I'm much pickier at the moment and I'm not really going to offer any (for various reasons). However, if you have a really good vidsong for Avatar: The Last Airbender, I'd consider vidding that.

Really, when bidding on me to do a vid, you should probably look at the sort of vids I've done in the past and think "Is this the kind of vid I want". I'm probably going to be making something in the vidding aesthetic rather than the amv aesthetic (regardless of whether the source is anime) so bear that in mind.


I'm not picky *but* there are some things I dislike sufficiently that I might not vid them. There's no genre of music that I dislike but there are some artists that I dislike (such as, I dunno, Owl City). Rather than mention dislikes here (as they are fairly random) it's best to just ask me. If you aren't good at suggesting music then ask and I can see if I can come up with something.


I need to know what you *wouldn't* want. This is possibly more important than what you want. So if you hate a certain character or have certain visual things you'd prefer me to not use then let me know. However, I'd like the opportunity to compromise on anything especially AU-y or effects-heavy by nature.





Won't do: Incest and rap/hip hop/r'n'b music.

Baby Boom
Black Swan
Brotherhood of the Wolf
Fools Rush In
Kissing Jessica Stein
Life as we know it
Like a Bird on a Wire
One Fine Day
Pretty Woman
Some Kind of Wonderful
The Hours
The Island
Thelma & Louise
The Long Kiss Goodnight
The Ugly Truth
The World is not Enough
Tomorrow Never Dies
Twenty Seven Dresses
Working Girl



VIDS: newer vids featured:
all vids:


Fandoms I can vid:
Buffy the Vampire Slayer
American Horror Story
Switched at Birth
The Vampire Diaries
Veronica Mars

Music: I'm pretty open about music, but I really don't care very much for rap or country. I might be flexible on that, however, depending on the song.

Things I won't do: slash, a lot of manips

Things I'm flexible on: I'd rather not vid AU (I don't have much practice in it), but I'd be willing to consider it if it wasn't something that didn't have to be manip heavy and music selection, like I mentioned before.

Preferences: I can vid Supernatural if need be, but it's not my forte fandom just fyi. I'd be the most comfortable vidding TVD, AHS, BtVS, and AtS out of the fandoms that I can vid.





My very first auction offering, woo! My online catalog ( can give you a good idea of what a jarrow vid would look like, should that be pleasing to you. My style is more motion oriented and less effects heavy. I don't have the widest library of music, so if you've got a song picked out, that's ideal. (I'm happy to work with you to find something if need be, of course. Any genre is fine.) I encourage you to contact me about specific ideas before bidding if you're curious about my feelings on a pairing/song/idea.

Things I really like to vid: femslash, physical comedy, action, narratives

Things I am probably not your best pick for: lots of photoshop work, slash

Sources I am offering: Arrested Development, Battlestar Galactica, Community, Firefly, Glee (no Klaine), Misfits, Modern Family, Parks & Recreation, Spartacus, Sports Night, Survivor, Weeds. I may have forgotten something, just ask me! I'll also vid just about any movie. I love vidding movies!

Also, here are some things I really want to vid but have no song for:
- Avon/Stringer (The Wire)
- Veronica Mars/Mac/Lily using Big Love to show the Mac/Lily piece
- the film Boys Don't Cry

If you have a song and want that vid, then that's on the table too. Email me and we'll talk!





Hello-hello! My name is kuwdora and I want to make you a vid.

Available source: Stargate SG-1, Stargate Universe, Torchwood (series 1-4), Sanctuary, Heroes, Spartacus, Star Trek: Deep Space 9, Justified, Breaking Bad, Sons of Anarchy, Haven, Revenge, Burn Notice, American Horror Story, Outland, Smash, Skins (series 5/6), Better off Ted, Generation Kill, Homeland, Sleeper Cell, East West 101, due South, Slings and Arrows, Little Mosque on the Prairie, Arctic Air. The Devil's Whore, Marvel movieverse, Actor filmography tributes, any movies I can find is also fair game. If there's something not here here that you have a question about, please PM me and I'll clarify why it's not on the list and discuss whether or not it could be in the cards.

Bring me your gen, character studies, het, femslash, slash, ensemble ideas, your unsung recurring characters and unorthodox pairing choices! Your OTPs and OTCs! Fluff! Crack! Navel-gazing, meta, action, the shameless/debauched antics of your favoritest characters. Triumphant heroes and BAMF villains and--well, you get the picture. Non-con/rape, incest, self-harm and other triggering material is also fine, provided that we have a good talk about the source material and what you want your vid to be about. I can make you the shiny dance vid you've always wanted or if you have something that's high concept, let's work out the details and I'll bring it.

Crossovers and multi-source vids are a-OK, and if you want something requires external source, great! I'm here with bells on. I should have been calling myself squeedora all these years for the level of joy I get from funneling my energy into a timeline.

Song choice: I've been banned from vidding Poker Face again, and I am a hard sell on country, but aside from that I am keen on everything else. In the past I have vidded rock, punk, instrumental, electronic, dance, pop, rap, hip-hop, industrial, indie, comedy, alternative, non-English language, remixes an covers. I really love lyrically involved music, but if you've got something that's minimal that's okay too, throw it my way! And as a precaution I'd like the bidder to have a back-up song or two in case something isn't pinging me (but generally speaking if you present it with enough excitement, your squee will infect me!). If you don't have a song, that's no problem, we can find something together. I have Many Ideas. :D

Level of involvement is up to the bidder. You can be as hands-on as you want and I will happily be your kuwdora puppet or you can give me a song/idea and I will scuttle away to make your vid dream come alive. I'm very flexible when it comes to working collaboratively during the making of the vid and during bidder-beta processes and will make any changes necessary to make you happy.

Want to know more about my process to see if I'm the right vidder for you? Check out my vidder interview at to learn more about how I wrestle a song and source in a timeline.

If you have any questions, please don't hesitate to email or PM me.
Happy bidding!


Tell your friends, tell your foes, tell your fingers and toes--bid it up, so they can vid it up! \o/

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