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Urgent Last Call for 2012 Karaoke Signups [Jul. 29th, 2012|05:15 pm]


Karaoke signups are low this year so either everyone is just 'getting round to signing up' or we have less interest than in previous years. That's cool.

If you are interested, we need to know soon. If we only have a small handful then we may skip Karaoke this year and see if there's interest next year. If we're going to skip it then we need to know before we print the con book :)

So you have until tomorrow (monday 30th) night to ask for a vid. If you'd like to sing but don't have any real ideas, here's a list of things performed in the past (vidder's name entered where I could remember them):

500 miles (I Wanna Be) (media cannibals)
66 by Afghan Whigs (QaF vid by sisabet)
All By Myself (STTOS)
We Built This City (jescaflowne)
Bohemian Like You (astolat)
Brand New Day
Call Me Al (sdwolfpup)
Cant Stop This
Closer to Fine (wolfling)
Comedy Tonight (apoc west)
Come to Jesus (gwyneth)
Come what May
Comin Up From Behind (bunniqula)
Consequence Free
Copacabana (barkley & destina)
Crazy (Jill)
Dance Dance (deejay)
Didn't Have You
Don't Stop Believing (ST)
Drop Dead Gorgeous (astolat)
My Babie's In Love With Eddie Vedder (killa)
End of the World as we know it (luminosity)
Fairy Tale (Arefadeaway)
Falling For the First Time (sisabet)
Footloose (sdwolfpup)
For Your Entertainment
Friday (Milly)
Get Low (sisabet)
God is a DJ (dualbunny)
Goody Two Shoes (laura and pips)
Holding Out For a Hero
Hopelessly Devoted (luminosity)
Because I'm Awesome (anoel)
I'm on a Boat (kiki-miserychic)
I'm Your Man (charmax)
I Touch Myself
I Want You Back (sweetfucks)
Jolene (sandy & rach)
Killing in the Name Of (f1renze)
Lifetime Piling Up (cesca)
Like a Pill
Live Till I Die (Mary Crawford)
Love Boat (media cannibals)
Love Shack (se)
Maneater (jarrow)
Man in Motion (renenet)
Moving Right Along (SDWolfpup)
My Hit Song
Perhaps Perhaps Perhaps (killa)
Promiscuous Girl (beerbad)
Rapture Riders (Melina)
Razzle Dazzle (killa)
La Resistance (sdwolfpup)
Roll To Me (media cannibals)
Snakes on a Plane (dualbunny)
So Pure (katerine and pam?)
sos (killa)
So What
Stress (Sandy & Rache)
These Boots Are Made For Walking (dualbunny)
Superstar (here's luck)
The Mountain (astolat)
The Way We Get By
This Girl (killa)
Time After Time (lithiumdoll)
Too Drunk To Fuck (luminosity)
There is Too Much Light In This Bar (AbsoluteDestiny)
Torn (Judy Chen)
Total Eclipse of the Heart Literal
Two Words (sisabet)
Vogue (luminosity)
Volcano Girls (dualbunny)
Walking on Sunshie (Eunice)
Without Me (sisabet)
You Only Tell Me You Love Me When You're Drunk (sweetestdrain)
You're So Vain (killa)

[User Picture]From: amnisias
2012-07-29 04:39 pm (UTC)
Oh, that would be a shame! I love to watch the Karaoke. but unfortuantely I'm totally tone-deaf and couldn't sing to save my life. I also have an acute case of stage fright. But I'll be cheerleading and would be happy to provide some alcoholic encouragement if needed ....
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